About Bloom

Bloom™ offers an exciting and powerful process of self-discovery that promotes wholeness, healing, and creativity. Rose Meenach, founder of Bloom, utilizes a specialized form of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) to facilitate this

Over recent decades, advances in Quantum Physics have yielded a growing body of evidence supporting the idea that the thoughts we have are what drive the reality we experience. Bloom uses QHHT to delve more deeply into our thoughts via our Subconscious mind and our Superconscious, or Higher Self, to identify opportunities for personal development, growth and wellness.

In addition to individual applications, Bloom’s Hypnotherapy modalities, when coupled with Mindfulness techniques have proven to be effective practices for the workplace. These methods continue to gain increased attention in corporate environments for improving Team-Building, Leadership Development, and opening minds to fuel Creative Innovation. Bloom offers practices to individuals, as well as, to organizations and corporate workplace groups.

With a focus on body, mind and spirit, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy goes well beyond traditional forms of hypnosis. It can access the connective thread between human beings and their capacity to transcend the limitations of a 3-dimensional consciousness—into a higher spiritual realm. By illuminating more spiritual, higher dimensional realities, insights stemming from our superconscious, or Higher Self, may be incorporated into a restorative or corrective plan, a more mindful existence, and even yield greater creativity, or productivity in one’s daily life. For those interested in using more traditional forms of hypnosis utilizing the subconscious realm vs. the superconscious, Rose is equally skilled and trained in customizing an approach to each client.

Leveraging innate spiritual resources in an individual, combined with the belief that the guidance of the superconscious will prevail in a corrective process, deep insights and experiences will strengthen one’s ability to achieve their highest good. Even though Rose is a God-centered individual, this work does not require a belief in God, a personal deity or religion. It does, however, require that one be open to an inner wisdom (or intuition) that can guide us through our life experiences. It is founded in the idea that as we connect to a higher “awareness” or Higher Self, we are transformed, and as we transform, we are empowered to create a life we envision for ourselves.

These practices have a history as long as hypnosis itself, with time-tested spiritual traditions of enlightenment and liberation. Tapping into experiences within a person’s life for use and reflection in personal development, individuals have an opportunity to grow into a greater sense of who they truly are.